How To Tie The Perfect Bow Headband

Here is a step by step on how to tie and re-tie your Baby Lou Bows.

  1. First step, tie a single knot around leg (approx 2-3 inches up from your knee is around the size of your babies head.) 
  2. Second step, fold the right end (bottom piece of bow) in half to form right side of bow, keep hold with your right hand. 
  3. Step three, wrap the left (top piece of bow) end around as if tying a regular bow, and pull it completely through. Pull snug to form the centre of the bow. 
  4. Step four, slide the left piece back through the centre of the bow and fix to it to form the perfect Baby Lou bow !
  5. Step five, put on baby girls head and take 348379 pictures :)
  6. Step six... if none of this makes sense refer to youtube link below. 

Youtube link to see our step by step video on how to re-tie a bow headband.  <-------Click Link